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About Us

433shop was conceived as a means to easily respond to a demand for prints from my photographic collection, although it has since expanded to offer books, ephemera etc.

I first took photographs in the 1960s, using my father's camera and then a Brownie Box camera, but the results weren't very good. I later bought a second-hand SLR camera, taking colour transparencies but in those days built in light meters were virtually unknown and the quality of my photographs was mixed. I soon moved on to better SLR cameras and only finally stopped using conventional slide film in 2011. Future photography will be using a digital SLR.

Generally, I visited locations only once - I couldn't choose the weather or the direction of the sun (if there was any!). For this reason, many of my photographs were taken in poor light but they do at least form a record of a time that is no longer with us.

Some of my older colour slides are now deteriorating with age. Some of the earliest have faded a little and developed small stains which are difficult to remove. Some from the late seventies/early eighties have developed a reddish tinge - the most extreme of these are beyond reasonable colour correction but all is not lost as these look best if converted to black and white images.

I have recently obtained permission to market copies of pictures by specific photographers whose collections I now own. Please note that I will not  market photographs in my collection by Dr J W F Scrimgeour unless:

  • they are not listed in the SRS catalogue, or
  • they are surplus prints (one only available)

Others by Dr Scrimgeour can be purchased through the Signalling Record Society.