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Here you will find more details than can be crammed in on the home page, dip in as you need. This should open as a separate window but if you have trouble returning to the main part of the site click here.

This page has been divided into several useful sections:

Picture quality (photographs)

The low-resolution picture preview does not generally do justice to the quality of the photographs. If you are unsure whether the quality meets your needs feel welcome to ask for a sample, quoting the reference code.

Old photographs are unlikely ever be to the same quality as modern digital images. However, many of our earlier scans can be significantly improved by re-scanning with recently-purchased scanning equipment, so do please ask if you are uncertain.

Some older colour-slides have suffered age deterioration. The most common occurrence seems to be darkening of the image edges caused by cardboard mounts - there is little that can be done about this unless the image can be cropped. There was a period in the 1980s when colour was unstable, causing the images to tint red or purple, sometimes quite heavily. Sometimes the colour can be digitally corrected but not always. Sometimes such images look far better if converted to black and white.


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Photograph shape and size

The images displayed here might not fit your choice of print size perfectly. Occasionally it is better to print an image with small white edges on two sides so as to not crop out important detail.

Our standard size is 6" x 4" but we recommend 7" x 5" as we believe it does good justice to the quality of the images. Many images are available as 12" x 8" enlargements.

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Using the search feature

At the beginning of 2019 we had many thousands of photographs available, for example 2745 LNER signal box, 5238 railway locomotive/multiple unit and 2679 London bus photographs, and we are adding to these regularly.

With so many photographs available, it may be difficult to find what you are looking for. Here are some suggestions that will help your search.

  1. Menu There is a menu system in the left margin headed "categories" which will help you drill down to your preferred subject, such as Railway Signalling Photos > GWR or Bus Photos > LCBS
  2. Quick Search There is an quick search option at the top of the page, which will search through all available items by title. Searches such as Exeter, RM2059 and General Appendix will work. You can limit which sections to search by category.
  3. Advanced Search For more detailed results, such as Class 55* or Routemaster, use the Advanced Search which will also search the item descriptions. Again, you can narrow this down by category.
    * - if you want to limit a locomotive search, e.g. Class 25 but not Class 253, use a closing bracket - e.g. Class 25) .

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Use of photographs and drawings

The photographs and drawings we sell are, of course, copyright and are therefore supplied for your personal use only. If you want to use them on a web site, in a book, presentation etc you must contact us for permission. There is usually a fee for this, please see https://studio433.co.uk/photography/ for more information.

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